Pancasurya Biogas Plant

PT. Karya Mas Energi has constructed a POME based Biogas project in Tambusai, Rokan Hulu Region, Riau. The Plant was successfully commissioned on 2016 generating 1,500 m /h biogas with 55-60% methane content which then utilized to produce heat for the mill own usage.

The methane gas, as a by product of the anaerobic digestion was captured, distributed, and utilized for a biogas burner installed at the existing biomass boiler.

The heat for the boiler reduces significant amount of palm shell they used as a fuel for their boiler. The shell
saved can be sold by the mill as an additional income.

The project also reduces significant amount of the green house gas emitted by the Mill from the previous open lagoon system used to treat the POME.


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October 20, 2017